Homemade Oyster Stew from the Williamsburg Winery

5800 Wessex Hundred, Williamsburg, VA, USA


8-10 Oysters (based on size)

2 Shallots, diced

3-4 Celery stalks

3 oz (3-4 slices) Edwards Surryano Ham, thinly sliced

2 Tbsp butter White Wine for deglazing

3-4 cups heavy cream

1-2 tsp tabasco

Coarse sea salt Fresh black pepper Sprouts to garnish Annatto Oil (extra virgin olive oil, Annatto seed)


•Shuck oysters, saving liquid. Dice shallots and celery (including leaves). Set aside.

•Stack surryano ham slices and roll together, thinly slice strips.

•Add butter to sauce pan on medium heat. Once butter is melted, add ham and allow to slightly render fat.

•Combine shallots and celery in pan, cook for 1 minute.

•Add oysters, cook for about a minute and a half, stirring to combine ingredients.

•Turn heat to medium-high and deglaze pan with white wine (Chef David likes the Midsummer’s Night’s White for this recipe).

•Add 3 cups heavy cream (up to 4 for richer, looser stew) and cook at rolling boil for 8 minutes. Remove from heat.

Chef David’s plating tip: Place oysters and stew solids into bowl first, then add liquid. Garnish with sprouts and annatto oil.

To make annatto oil, combine 1 part annatto seed to 2 parts extra virgin olive oil. In small pan, heat oil on medium heat. Add seeds, cooking for about 30 seconds to infuse color, remove from heat and allow to cool. Once oil is cool, strain seeds and toss.

Store oil until ready to use.

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